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We, Vardhman Insulating Mat Pvt Ltd, established our operations in the year 1996, as one of the manufacturer and wholesaler of an exquisite collection of Insulating Mat in Delhi. Our product series comprises of Electrical, Insulating, Rubber, Mat and many more. To provide electrical products, we make use of premium quality raw materials obtained from our dependable manufacturer.
Our Insulating Mat are made by a team of skilled professionals using premium grade rubber mat, following the norms and guidelines laid down by the industry. Electric & abrasion resistance, sturdy construction and smooth finish are some of the salient attributes of our mats.Insulation mats are usually made effective by plugging into the earthed line in an electrical outlet. It is really crucial to discharge at slower rate, hence a resistor is to be used in grounding the mat. Hence, proper safety of the workers is rendered by these insulating mats. Rubber mats also offer great protection to your floor. If you spill anything accidentally, it will be collected on the mat and your floor will be saved. In the same way the floor can be subject to scratches and other damages when heavy objects fall down. They prevent the formation of scratches etc during such instances.A rubber mat can be used inside, outside, for heavy commercial use, residential, and in between. Consider the many ways that the rubber floor mat is already used throughout our society. Different types of rubber mats are being used for different places and for different purposes. Of course, when buying them, you should consider what type of environment you will be using them in, along with the influx of traffic that goes to and from the places that you are going to be using them. The entire manufacturing process is accomplished by the inclusion of a conductive material integrated within the mat which collects the static energy. The insulation mat needs to be grounded properly. Electric insulated mats are offered by various reputed brands. These mats are of premium quality and users can find their all inclusive applications in power plants, substations etc. Present day market availability includes extensive range of insulating materials in various specifications and designs. These environment friendly mats are mostly preferred or much appreciated for some of the special properties including cost effectiveness, flexibility, vibrant colors, durability and easy washable feature.
Our Insulation electrical mat in Delhi and switchboard matting is best products for different application such as switch boards, transformers and other high voltage workplaces. Insulated Matting of rubber covered under IEC 61111 is made of rubber compound suitable for providing the electrical safety to the workman working around the possible areas or electrical shock and act as safeguard equipment from electrical shock due to leakage of current, shop circuit or any other.