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Electrical Rubber Mat IS:5424 (Convential Type)

Rubber Mats for Electrical Purposes as per IS-5424/1969 (withdrawn...)

Vardhman® IS:5424 are used as floor covering around electrical panels as a safeguard to the life of the workmen due to possible leakage of current and short-circuit.

The mats are manufactured by vulcanized rubber compound free from fabric insertion & fibrous material.

The upper surface have a ribbed, fluted, chequered, plain or other suitable pattern as per requirement. The lower surface have cloth marked finish or plain.

  • High Voltage Panels
  • Substations
  • HT/LT Switch Gears
  • Transformer Rooms


S. No. Technical Specification Value (All Thicknesses)
1. Composition Vulcanized rubber compound free from any insertion
2. Upper Surface Checkered/Fluted
3. Lower Surface Plain
4. Thickness 6.5mm/8mm/10mm/12mm
5. Length x Width 1m x 2m
1.2m x 2.4m
0.9m x 1.8m
6. Tensile Strength Min 50kgf/cm2
7. Elongation Min. 250%